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Filmed in and around LA’s skid row, Habit follows a young nun who leaves her religious order under mysterious circumstances. After moving into a seedy, residential hotel, she waits for an unknown visitor to arrive, wondering if she’s made a huge and irrevocable mistake.

Director’s Statement

At its heart, this film is a mystery. The first and most obvious mystery: What is a nun doing in a seedy, residential hotel in downtown Los Angeles? Who is she waiting for, and is this person ever going to come?

The second mystery, though less obvious, goes to the heart of what the film is about: Who is this nun now that she is not a nun anymore?

This is a woman who, for much of her adult life, has woken up at the exact same time, put on a habit, and followed the same hourly routine, day after day after day. Now she must learn to be someone else.

But who? Who are you without your clothes, without your things, without any certainty of purpose? Who are you when you have no money and no home, and you find yourself, for the first time, completely and utterly alone?


Production Specifications

Running Time: 19 minutes, 57 seconds
Aspect ratio: 1:85
Year: 2020
Language: English
Form: Narrative Fiction Short Film
Location: Los Angeles, California
Filmed on a Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K digital cinema camera with Cooke S4 lenses.

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