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Production Notes

Filming took place over two days and five separate locations in Los Angeles – four of those in one single day. Much of Habit was shot at the Baltimore Hotel, a century-old single room occupancy (SRO) hotel on the edge of Skid Row.

This is, quite literally, the most dangerous neighborhood in America. More than a third of the residents of these sixteen blocks are the victim of a violent crime every year and live in a level of poverty that is almost unfathomable. 80% are unemployed and the median income is less than $10,000 a year. The film’s director first discovered the hotel during an LA crime tour, which certainly says something. Filming here obviously provided challenges, but these obstacles pale in comparison to those faced by the residents of this neighborhood, living in conditions no one should.

At the time of shooting, the hotel was in the process of being renovated by its new owners, the Healthy Housing Foundation, a charitable organization that provides housing to low-income individuals, families, and the homeless. The production is grateful that much of their location budget went to such a great cause.

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